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Did you enjoy Info Quest II? I hope so. It took up a lot of resources.

In other news, we’re collaborating with Telltale Games to create Minecraft: Story Mode! Here are some bullet points to celebrate!

  • Minecraft: Story mode will be a narrative-driven video game created by Telltale Games. It will be about Minecraft.
  • Mojang is collaborating with Telltale and members of the community to make Minecraft: Story Mode as Minecrafty as possible.
  • The first episode will be released some time in 2015, and will be available on Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices.
  • Minecraft: Story Mode will be released episodically, just like The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, or the recent Tales from the Borderlands, which is another developer-collaboration series between Telltale Games and Gearbox Software.
  • We’re not intending on creating an “official” story for Steve, or explaining the world of Minecraft in detail. It will be a cool game.
  • The Minecraft 2 thing was a joke. No really. It was a joke.

If you’re desperate for more insight, read Telltale Games’ post, come back next year, or calm down and play Info Quest II again.

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